The AAIC accepts professionals whether from medical, beauty therapy or aesthetic practitioner backgrounds who adhere to our code of covenant. The unity offers public transparency and true representation of a ‘not for profit’ association representing ALL members within the Aesthetics, Injectables and Cosmetic industry. We believe that the playing field should be level to all those who wish to train in this area, putting aside the dogma that divides any two professions. Allowing for equal opportunities means representing individuals who champion continual professional development. It is important to match the needs of the skill to the training without compromise for standards, professionalism or safety.

  • The AAIC is the only association where members have a yearly independent inspectorate with agreement to adhere to audit on the Botulinum & Dermal Fillers register. 
  • To protect the general public with a ‘one prescription, one client’ treatment protocol with a Botulinum & Dermal Filler register.
  • The AAIC mission is to offer full transparency within the Aesthetics profession by championing a “Charter of Excellence” for training to National Occupational Standards
  • Public safety as number one priority at all levels.


We have created an extensive flowchart available here, which helps to illustrate just how in-depth and far reaching our infrastructure extends across the cosmetic sector.

We believe that if you are passionate and choose to be represented in the highest professional standards within the aesthetics industry you should be able to move forward, reach your goal, achieve it, live it and join others representing excellence within your chosen career path. The AAIC does not discriminate or block individuals who have accreditation and follow key codes of practice set out in our association mission statement. Individuals will be registered on merit, standards, inspectorate outcome and agreement to conform to guidelines set out to protect the public and follow legal and binding protocols.