Independent Newspaper – a refreshing HONEST view from the MEDIA on how the public are not being protected

The unfortunate victim being profiled in the media – was treated by a Doctor.

Wonder why OTHER articles never mentioned this and the WORD once again ” Beauty Therapist” was attached as the “BAD” profession…. 10/10 for a smoke screen campaign.

HOWEVER – one PAPER gets it right……

An excellent article – unbiased and certainly outlining what the majority of the public feel.Certain PR and a well placed campaign by certain associations have tried to smoke screen the actual point of the BRUCE KEOGH review. The PUBLIC are not stupid and this article represents what the MAJORITY feel.Time for a campaign on FACTS and not smoke screen bully tactics. The story of David & Goliath comes to mind….maybe its time for DAVID to show his weapons …TRUTH & FACTS.

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