Why Modular Training Would Help STOP Backstreet Botulinum Jabs

An unqualified therapist is in court again for administering botulinum, following her original arrest in May.

Modular training with correct qualifications across all sectors would help stop this kind of story from damaging the cosmetic industry’s reputation even further. For all therapists sakes, the future has to involve everyone agreeing on correct training with qualifications set to National Occupational Standards.

Why should the taxpayer be ‘forced’ to fund the NHS as the only pre-requisite route to becoming an aesthetic practitioner, when other, better regulated options could be implemented? The AAIC champions modular training agreed across all bodies, under government guidelines as in the National Occupational Standards.

The AAIC firmly believes that all cosmetic prescriptions should be subject to VAT; allowing tax monies to be invested back into the NHS, and improving overall healthcare whilst uniting the cosmetic industry under one jurisdiction.

One for all and ALL for one.

The full story can be found at The Scarborough News website.

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