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Industry responds to call for unity on injectables

Leading associations representing those involved in the delivery of injectable treatments have responded to calls for the sector to present a united front to government. The Association of Aesthetics, Injectables and Cosmetic Laser (AAIC) and the cdBAFI (Cosmetic, Dermal, Aesthetics, Botulinum and Fillers Inspectorate) have joined with Habia to issue a joint call to government to take the views of... »

HABIA steps forward with AAIC

HABIA release the following press release acknowledging in unison what the AAIC have been saying. The correct modular training is the only true honest way forward for injectable training. The AAIC have contributed to the Bruce Keogh review and we trust the public view is acknowledged in the outcome. The AAIC will be looking at working closely with HABIA in contributing to a training framework to g... »

PIP – ££££ – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

Whilst the final toxicity report from the MHRA may have some reassurance for anyone who has PIP implants th AAIC backs the views written by president Rajiv Grover from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who in real time are witnessing the devastating results of surgeons choosing a cheaper implant with profit over patient welfare on a weekly basis. Check out the full story here. »