The way forward is to champion modular training with one pathway for all – AAIC believe AESTHETIC PRACTITIONER is the way forward. The  AAIC has joined other leading bodies and expert aesthetic training companies to create JAC. the Joint Aesthetic Council is one voice and one strength with 20 council members from experts with the aesthetic sector representing medics and non medics.

Collectively we will work alongside the Keogh recommendations to give input at ALL levels  to give a voice to the hundreds of members who are already successfully delivering Non surgical aesthetic treatments.

The time is NOW to give a clear safe message to the public and one name “Aesthetic Practitioner” that allows choice with reassurance and self regulation from independently inspected practices that deliver treatments in a professional space and are trained to scope.

Remove all scaremongering and monopolies and all professionals with key sector knowledge and expertise to sit together and create one training pathway.

This will stop the tax payer paying for individuals to train through the NHS then leave to start lucrative private clinics. in a time when the NHS is starved of resources and finance AAIC believe training should be very much outside of the NHS.

VAT should always be taken from prescriptions raised for Aesthetic Practitioner non surgical treatments and ploughed into funding the NHS. Aesthetic treatments are a million pound revenue stream and the monies would create extra revenue to train and give new resources.

We call for a new classification for prescriptions that are non surgical and outside of “medicine” classified to treat a sick patient.

One pathway modular training, independent inspection, self regulated, self funded and with prescription outside NHS to clearly classify VAT that can be introduced into the NHS.

VAT presently is a very “GREY” area as medics can use prescriptions that DO NOT carry VAT to deliver treatments that are within NHS scope. However how many include prescriptions that DO deliver non surgical treatments with their practices for private patients?

Time to remove the ” Grey” and have transparency for the public:

  •  Aesthetic Practitioner – outside the NHS 
  •  Modular training NOT funded by the NHS 
  •  Prescriptions clearly classified for VAT outside medical practice
  •  Independently inspected premises to scope 
  •  Self regulation with a register that the public can view genuine inspected and accredited Aesthetic Practitioners
  •  Preferred product from manufacturers approved and to C.E kite mark or FDA approval

Find out more about JAC here – join for FREE today www.jointaestheticscouncil.org

One VOICE – One VOTE  – Join Today


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