The Apprentice highlights need for independent training path and regulation for Aesthetic Practitioners

Dr Leah TottonNobody could fail to miss the current media storm surrounding the winner of this year’s Apprentice, Dr Leah Totton. Backed by Lord Sugar, Dr Leah plans to open a chain of cosmetic clinics throughout the UK under the imaginative name Dr Leah.

So why the controversy around Lord Sugar backing an industry that is only set to grow and become more popular?

Basically the overall issue is that the non-invasive cosmetics industry should be regulated but the argument is by whom. Medical practitioners naturally assume that it should be they who ‘control’ this industry as their belief is that you should be medically trained to perform such procedures. Some would say that they have a fair point – after all who wouldn’t trust a Doctor?

However we have to take into account that medical training is not geared towards aesthetics rather it focuses on ill health. Unlike Beauty Therapists and Aesthetic Practitioners, those with a medical background are not trained to enhance, rather to cure. Naturally this means that they may approach non-invasive cosmetic procedures from a different perspective; properly structured training would help with this.

There is also the additional factor that to train as a Doctor is a long and costly process, some of this cost falls to the taxpayer. Surely it would be more cost and time effective to offer an independent route of training and progression? This would also mean that those going through medical training actually intend on using their training to treat patients in a healthcare environment rather than as a stepping stone to becoming an Aesthetic Practitioner.

The AAIC was developed through the belief that there should be an independent regulatory body and training route outside of the NHS and private healthcare system. The aim is to ensure that Aesthetic Practitioners have a high level of knowledge and go through a training process that is more in-depth and geared towards treating clients from a viewpoint of enhancing their looks. Practitioners who join the AAIC are also inspected annually to ensure that their level of service and treatment remains at a high standard. Independent inspection is something that is severely lacking currently.

A single training pathway and regulatory body would ensure transparency in the industry; clients would know and understand the level of training a practitioner has received. They would be able to trust that they are receiving the highest level of consultation and service leading to amazing results.

We will continue to publicise and argue the need for independent training, regulation and inspection of the industry.  We firmly believe that this has to be the way forward to ensure the highest standards and level of trust.


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