Our Story


A revolutionary technique changed the world of non-invasive cosmetics when Botulinum anti wrinkle injections were introduced; now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today. Botulinum Cosmetic is a biological toxin (Botulinium Toxin Type A) transformed into a therapeutic agent. Work with Botulinum began in the late 1960s to treat neurological disorders. Today, Botulinum is used for the treatment of frown lines, forehead furrows, “crow’s feet”, lines and wrinkles of the lower face, neck bands and even the nasal muscles to decrease nostril flaring and “snarl” lines. The treatment is minimally invasive and non-surgical, requiring no recovery time.

Since this advancement in non-invasive procedures many professions have somewhat pledged a “war of words” on who and who shouldn’t perform these treatments.

Plastic Surgeons believed that Doctors should not perform these treatments; Doctors believed that nurses should not and then Dentists… so on and so on – right down the medical line until most recently, over the last 6 years or so, where the therapist professions have become on the receiving end of the propaganda campaign.

Look on many association website blogs and you will see “PR and BULLYING tactics” all down the line of “pecking order” trying to use scare tactics to the general public to promote their own members as being the chosen ones to deliver non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The AAIC roots began in 2009 

A selection of industry experts gathered to challenge the status quo. The main outcome being; “Is it not the competency and skills from correct training of the Practitioner, that dictates whether a procedure can be delivered safely?”

The result is the BIRTH of the “none profit” Association of Aesthetics Injectable & Cosmetic Laser.

All other associations have barriers and do not embrace ALL professions on merit of competence – the AAIC embraces ALL from merit of training, independent inspection, audit trail and complete transparency through competence.

Transparency of 

  • Independent Inspection
  • Modular training to National Occupational standards through Industry Qualifications (IQ)
  • Botulinum & Dermal Fillers audit register
  • Health & Safety standards to independent inspection
  • Government & GMC guidelines relating to prescriptions & storage of drugs & Medicine act
  • Our aim is to bring together ALL Aesthetic Practitioners to share the vision for competency in training, standards, safety & inspection

Paving the Way

The Bruce Keogh 2012 review is welcomed by the AAIC

The right for transparency and the correct public viewpoint to be heard is well overdue.

The PR and story telling by some well pitched individuals have clouded many of the facts by pointing the finger at who has been termed a “Beauty therapist”.

The facts remain that many of those testimonials used are written by medically trained people.

The lowest malpractice claims still remain from Aesthetic Practitioners in the last 6 years.

It is time for truth in FACTS not spin doctor PR and smoke screens.

Truth, honesty, equality, integrity with representation from ALL professions delivering non-invasive cosmetic treatments


Stepping stones to success

A pathway of modular training for the Aesthetic Practitioner alongside Industry Qualifications (IQ).

Audit, inspection and continual monitoring of competence with Continuous Professional Development open to ALL within the aesthetics arena.

A voice that stands its ground against the pressure of others to monopolise the industry for “greed” rather than safety of the public producing facts not PR spin.

Protection for our members and the public by focusing on the facts and taking the higher ground on transparency.

“As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser.”

Plato (428-348);