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HEE update – Phase 1 Sept 2014

AAIC Chairman Christopher Wade is part of the Expert Reference Group, and fully supports the Phase 1 report of the review of the qualifications required for delivery of non-surgical cosmetic interventions. The Phase 1 report outlines the key outcomes of the programme from October 2013 to May 2014, including a draft education and training framework built around five treatment modalities: Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, chemical peels and skin rejuvenation treatments, laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) treatments and hair restoration surgery. A link to the report can be downloaded here. »

HEE Developments

Chairman Christopher Wade of the AAIC is delighted to be engaged in providing input to the cosmetic non-surgical interventions expert reference group. The HEE are working towards developing training standards for non surgical injectable. The AAIC welcome the development of a framework of modular training which will create equal opportunities to medics and non medics to become Aesthetic Practitioners.   »

Keogh Review Released

The chairman of the AAIC, Christopher Joe Wade welcomes all the recommendations of the recently released Keogh review. The AAIC alongside Industry Qualifications look forward to being involved with HEE in finally developing standards across training within non-surgical cosmetic injectables. Click here to read the official review.   »

Non-surgical cosmetic interventions: Call for Evidence

Health Education England (HEE) is working with regulators and royal colleges to conduct a review of the qualifications required for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This is one of the outcomes of the review of cosmetic interventions led by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh. To inform this review, we are asking all interested parties to contribute to a ‘Call for Evidence’.   In September 2013 HEE established a project to take forward the review of qualifications required for non-surgical procedures. Led by Charles Bruce, Managing Director for Health Education North West London, the purpose of this work is to develop a framework of minimum standards and competences for education and training. Th... »

New Training Programme from Keogh recommendations

AAIC are joining other leading medic and non medical stakeholders in formulating a new training programme following recommendations from the Keogh report.   The input will be a collective of influential bodies, associations, inspectorate and training providers to create a set standard for aesthetic injectable training. The AAIC welcome the recommendations of the keogh report earlier this year and on behalf of our members who come from both medical and non medical backgrounds we are delighted to be a stakeholder contributing to a training programme that will deliver agreed minimum standards collectively across the board.   Working alongside Health Education England, AAIC will endeav... »

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