Code of Conduct


AAIC Guidelines
It is your duty to respect the guidelines and follow them accordingly:

  1. Your clients are your main responsibility and each must be treated as an individual and a professional consistency must always be maintained.
  2. AAIC is here to support you as a member of our association, however, you are responsible for your own actions and must therefore be able to justify if required.
  3. You must provide your clients with information relating to the treatment they are interested in before, during and after the treatment.
  4. You must continually add to your CPD where and when possible, to offer your clients the best service at all times.
  5. When dealing with personal details, sometimes of a sensitive nature, confidentiality is key and must be adhered to at all times in accordance to the data protection act 1998.
  6. If you have a team working under you or for you then they must sign a disclosure to ensure all data is kept according to the data protection act 1998.
  7. You must not share an individual’s details unless permission has been given by that individual or you feel that the individual is at risk of harm.
  8. During and following a treatment it is essential that you document accurate records of information relevant to the treatment.
  9. You must cooperate with the media only when you can confidently protect the confidentiality of your clients.
  10. Consultation must be carried out prior to the treatment, along with a signed consent form. Treatment must not go ahead without this signature of consent.
  11. Discrimination will not be tolerated and will be thoroughly investigated should this occur.
  12. You are representing the AAIC, we expect you to uphold our outstanding reputation at all times.
  13. If you feel that a client is at risk you must not fail to report this by taking every action to inform the AAIC immediately.
  14. Respond honestly and be constructive to anyone who complains about the treatment that they have received by you.
  15. Act in a professional and compassionate way and always seek to put matters right if a client believes to have, for any reason, suffered harm or discontent. Explain fully and promptly to the person affected what has happened and the likely effects/repercussions.
  16. You must cooperate with any internal and external investigations.
  17. Annual checks will be carried out on the individual and/or their premises by cdBAFI, any discrepancies that are noted during the visit must be acted on immediately.
  18. Insurance information and displaying your insurance for clients to view is a requirement and will be identified by cdBAFI if not complied with.
  19. All prescriptions that have been issued can and will be checked on to ensure that multi-purpose prescriptions are not being abused and will be transparent at all times on our botulinum and Dermal Fillers register.
  20. You must have a medical background and/or have an up-to-date First aid certificate with Anaphylaxis management included taken with one of our endorsed training providers.
  21. If you require a prescriber your prescriber must be registered and audited through AAIC at all times.
  22. Inspection checks will appear in audit and the AAIC upholds its right to remove membership at any point you do not adhere to our stringent policies. The AAIC endorsed insurance provider will be notified with immediate effect and your insurance could be revoked at any time.
  23. Transparency of all template stationery provided by AAIC audit must be made available at all times to be open and transparent on our administration area.
  24.   Under no circumstances can you use endorsement of AAIC as representation in a social media format, website literature or print without prior acknowledgement and agreement from the AAIC
  25. AAIC membership stipulates following all government guidelines and each member agrees to follow strict advertising guidelines set out in the MHRA guidelines blue third edition August 2012

All of the above will be set out in your membership agreement to be signed at the onset and forms part of the contract between both parties.

If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to email and a member will endeavour to contact and answer your query within 48 hours.

“When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?”

Benjamin Franklin