Code of Ethics

  1. Operate your business in a way that assesses and minimises risk to those who use services adhering to lawful and governmental guidelines set within the fields of Aesthetics, Injectables, Cosmetics and the Laser Industry.
  2. Have systems in place to maintain confidentiality and keep records safe adhering to data protection act 1998.
  3. Maintain adequate professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover and other insurances as appropriate to protect the public.
  4. Take professional advice in areas which lie outside their expertise and keep up-to-date with these areas such as keeping accounts and following yearly CPD.
  5. Ensure that any marketing or advertising reflects actual and substantiated skills, services and training and adhering to the MHRA blue code of advertising of medicines.
  6. Have a responsible business model, including time management, to meet and carry out professional obligations without compromise of the health and safety of yourself or the general public.
  7. Price professional services in a way that both reflects professional and market value and is fair to the general public without compromise for safety in using products outside of those in our preferred list or Dermal Fillers that do not comply to FDA or U.K. present guiedlines.
  8. Ensure any social media presence does not compromise ethical principles particularly sharing information and maintaining confidentiality including any use of endorsement of the AAIC without prior consent or acknowledgement.
  9. Do not supply goods audited through register at AAIC to any 3rd party – as a member you must adhere to all government legislation at local and parliamentary level.
  10. Advise the public and others of all fee rates and charges before beginning to provide professional services and to charge only for hours and services agreed prior to commencement of treatments.
  11. Practice only within their areas of competence and offer suitable referral when clients’s needs fall outside of them.
  12. Be clear about who their “treatment plan ” is and what their ethical responsibilities are particularly in relation to managing risk, acting with informed consent, providing information, sharing information appropriately and maintaining confidentiality.
  13. Follow personal and moral qualities:
    1. Empathy: the ability to communicate understanding of another person’s experience from that person’s perspective.
    2. Sincerity: a personal commitment to consistency between what is professed and what is done.
    3. Integrity: commitment to being moral in dealings with others, personal straightforwardness, honesty and coherence.
    4. Resilience: the capacity to work with the client’s concerns without being personally diminished.
    5. Respect: showing appropriate esteem to others and their understanding of themselves.
    6. Humility: the ability to assess accurately and acknowledge one’s own strengths and weaknesses.
    7. Competence: the effective deployment of the skills and knowledge needed to complete what is required.
    8. Fairness: the consistent application of appropriate criteria to inform decisions and actions.
    9. Wisdom: possession of sound judgement that informs practice. The capacity to act in spite of known fears, risks and uncertainty.
    10. Courage: To report negligence where appropriate to allow for feedback and risk assessment.

The AAIC from time to time will review our code of ethics and reserves the rights to change or amend at any given time whilst informing members with immediate effect.