Why was the AAIC formed?
We believe that the playing field should be fair and level to all those that wish to train in this area, putting aside the dogma that divides the two professions. Allowing both parties to be equal and enabling them to train regardless of if they do or do not have medical knowledge/background.

What is the aim of the AAIC?
Our aim is to provide and embrace equal opportunities to allow fair competition where no side would be disadvantaged for fully qualified, highly skilled & insured aesthetic practitioners to perform injectables from both medical and beauty therapy backgrounds.

How can the AAIC offer Quality Assurance?
We believe that annual inspections are necessary to assure and maintain quality assurance, whereas other associations will carry out inspections only once every 3 years. A lot can happen in 3 years, much can go undetected, unnoticed or even ignored. It is in both the practitioner and the the client’s benefit that we carry out these inspections, so you will feel at ease in your practice knowing that the AAIC is there to offer support to you at all times. Should a complaint or discrepancy arise we do not hesitate to follow this up and follow strict procedures to ensure any complaint is resolved.
I have trained with another company, can I join the AAIC?
Yes you can! You will begin with an initial consultation with a board member from the AAIC. Following the consultation you will then need to demonstrate your abilities. As long as you follow our code of ethics then yes, you can become a member and we will RPL your training.

I am a qualified Nurse/Doctor/Dentist can I join?
Absolutely! We never discriminate against those with or without a medical background. Given the correct training, guidance and support by our endorsed trainers and ensuring you follow our code of ethics, as with all of our members, then yes you can most certainly become a member of the AAIC.

Do you offer insurance?
Yes, if you comply with our guidelines and have the appropriate training, insurance will be available to our members from our endorsed insurers – Larry at Cathedral –

How do you regulate your members?
Inspections carried out for quality assurance purposes – All are on botilinum & dermal fillers register – accessible by the government.

Do I receive any benefits if I join?
If you click here (hyper link) it will take you to our members page – We are constantly updating and reviewing what we can offer and bring to our members, in addition to our outstanding support.