amalian balance

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amalian balance contains linear hyaluronic acid, similar to the natural hyaluronic acid, for bio revitalization and mesotherapy. The Superficial injection of these amalian dermal fillers allows more moisture to be retained, the skin’s freshness and firmness are improved, and fine wrinkles are smoothed out.


This monophasic gel with high molecular weight was specifically developed for skin rejuvenation, bio-revitalisation and hydration of the face, décolleté, neck and hands. amalian balance can be injected with a 32G needle into the upper dermis. Aged and dry skin areas should be treated by applying several “Micro Depots” of amalian balance gel into the upper dermis. Skin rejuvenation is activated through moisture release to the epidermis and dermis, thus restoring the moisture balance of the skin. Mesotherapy treatments should be performed three times at two-week intervals. A follow-up treatment every four to six months is recommended.


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